Geeksbase Hotend assembly

3. November 2012

Today how to assemble our Hotend in V1.0.

First you need all parts of the Hotend:

+2x copper-washers

Although you need some wenches and a roll of Teflon-tape.
To screw everything tight together use the wenches. The teflon works like a seal.




First you have to put the cooper washers on the threads, next wind the Teflon-tape around them.






Screw everything loose together. Then take the wenches to screw everything tight.





Be careful and remember after tight comes loose.







Now take a bench vice. Put some filament into the peek-isolator to avoid squeezing the isolator together! Although take a piece of paper to make sure that the isolator don’t gets damaged.











Now where everything is fixed you need the heat-resistor and the temperature sensor.
I isolate both with kapton. So i could be sure tthat there is no short in the circuit.





With the temperature-sensor its a bit hard to isolate him. But with some to time you get it.
Otherwise it will not show the right temperature.





Now take a small roll of kapton and warp it around the heat-block. Make sure that the heat resistor and temperature-sensor sits right in position.






Now take some heat-paste and fill of all space with air. Its important so you could be sure. That the temperature-sensor reads the right temperature and the heat resistor works for a long time.

Ready for use. Some tips for starting the hotend for the first time, i will give you in a few days!





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