Infrared Remote for IPhone

13. Dezember 2011


This post, i made because i had a problem. I bought a very expensive toy to use my iphone like a remote control for infrared devices.
The “beacon it`s called, uses the bluetooth signal of my iphone to convert it to an infared signal and send it to the infrared devices.
Everything is cool. I can switch the devices on and of, can change the tv programm, and everything else.But the range wasn´t enough to switch the light on, in front of the room.
So i decidet to look for the problem.

Step 1: I opened the beacon and saw the infared LED´s. Theire direction was set to the front. If the beacon is standing in the room, it only can reach the devices in front of it.
I took my torch and connected a wire to one to the contacts of infrared LED´s. With a drill i made a little hole into the housing, where the wire was coming out.
Now i build everything together again.

Step 2: Step 2 was easy… I looked for an old infrared remote control.
123 infrared for me, and took the infrared LED from the old remote control.

Step 3: Now i took the torch again. I connected the new infrared led with the ends of the two wires. When the device was opened i marked the right polarity. FINISH!!! Now everything is good. I can switch the light on and i can change the tv programm. Of course i can switch on and of the lamp in the front of my room. Everything works great and the problem has gone! Thanks hacking!