Ramps 1.33 by geeksbase.com

18. November 2012

Geeksbase Ramps PCB V1.3

This is our new complete electric for the reprap printers on one PCB. Base is the arduino mega!

We changed some things to make a better reprap-pcb.


The PCB can manage two extruders!
All traces are bigger to provide a better current flow!

On the whole pcb we designed a “hatch”. The effect of the hatch is that the whole PCB works as a cooling element! So all generated heat discharge perfect and the operating temperature stays in a perfect range.

All screwed contacts where replaced against male/female connectors.

So you could change the whole electric and single parts really fast. We dont use many SMD-parts. So the stepperdrivers are replaceable. We only deliver the Pololu A4988, which has a automatic overheat-automatic

With the Arduino Mega as base its possible to build reams of addons. (like display, keyfield, etc.)

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